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For your convenience, you can print out this form and use it to order our products.  We do accept orders without the form so long as they contain all of the pertinent information. 

Mail to: Linda Wendelboe, Fibre Works Gallery, RR #2, Site 2, Box 43, Sundre, Alta., T0M 1X0



Province/State:______________Postal/Zip Code: _____________Phone Day: ________________Phone Night:________________

Product Code Product Description Quantity Colour Price per Unit Total Price

Please phone, fax or Email for addition charges for shipping, any applicable taxes and US $ exchange rates.
Product Total  
Shipping, Etc.  
Total Amount Due  

Method of Payment:  Canadian _____or US$______Cheque ______or Money Order _____ for:______________enclosed, payable to Linda Wendelboe.


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Linda Wendelboe
Fibre Works Farm,
Box 43, Site 2, RR#2

Sundre, Alberta, Canada  T0M 1X0

Telephone   403-638-3912
FAX     403-638-8052
E-MAIL     info@fibreworksfarm.com

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