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Bersugget - irregular patches of different colors; variegated.

Bielset - having a complete circular band of different color around neck.

Bioget - with white back and darker sides and belly, or conversely.

Blaeget - having a lighter shade on the outer part of the wool fiber, especially in moorit and dark brown sheep.

Blaget - white with irregular dark patches resembling partially snow covered ground.

Blettet - with white spots on nose and top of head.

Bleset - dark colored with white stripe down forehead, or conversely.

Brandet - having stripes of another color across body.

Bronget - dark colored with light-colored breast, or conversely.

Flecket - white with large black or brown patches (not as well defined as in Jacob sheep).

Fronet - black-spotted with white head and black spots around eyes.

Gulmoget - having light under parts with dark-colored body; opposite of katmoget. Mouflon pattern.

Ilget - white with spots of a different color (usually grey or black).

Iset - dark colored with many white fibres giving bluish hue from a distance.

Katmoget - having a light colored body (usually grey or moorit) with dark belly and legs, and moget facial markings .

Katmollet - having light-colored nose and jaws.

Kraiget - neck (usually only front part) of different color from rest of body.

Kranset - dark colored with white around eyes and neck.

Krunet - dark colored with white patch on top of head.

Marlit - various shades of different colors, mottled,

Moget - see katmoget and gulmoget. Moget-faced is  the characteristic dark and light patches usually around the mouth, eyes and ears.

Mirkface - white with dark patches on face.

Mullit - white with dark nose and jaws, or conversely.

Sholmet - of any color, other than white, with a white face.

Skeget - stripes of different colors on sides.

Smirslet - dark colored with white around the mouth, head or neck.

Sokket - with legs of a different color from that of the body.

Sponget - dark colored with small white spots,or conversely.

Snaelit - light-colored body with snow-white face.

Yuglet - having color around eyes different from remainder of body.

Information assembled from NASSA material.


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