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2000 Journal


The Early Days, the Step by Step Journal

We started this journal to track our progress through the seasons, on lambing and puppies and crias, on facilities and on building projects; on just about everything that happens on a developing farm.   Our entries for 1999 are at 1999 Step by Step.  Our entries for 2000 are collected at:  2000 Step by Step.  Things are still progressing and there have been changes from those early days.  Its fun to go back and see how things all got started!

The Limerick Collection contains all of our Limerick Links published to date.  See if we have profiled anyone you know.

Breeding Stock Sales List:


 We have a great sales list this year, with quality mature ewes, bred ewes, rams and lambs.  Email shetlands@fibreworksfarm.com for more details.


We are considering our breeding plans and may have several females available for sale as well as two geldings and two weanling males.  Please email  alpacas@fibreworksfarm.com   for details.

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