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May always seems to be the start of the really "busy" part of spring/summer.  Still some left over winter chores to do as well as all of the gardening, seeding, fencing, birthing, etc. that is part and parcel of the season.   We had more snow (!) but of course to a farmer, that is just much needed moisture. Things are greening up very well in the pastures and hay fields so it looks like an optimistic start to the 2000 growing season.

Fibre Works Alpacas:  We finished the CLAA registrations of the 1999  born cria; once we get appropriate pictures we will probably finish the ARI registration process as well.  We are trying to co-ordinate schedules to pick appropriate shows for Moonshine.  We hope to have him in at least two or three this summer.  He is for sale, so if you are interested, please email:  alpacas@fibreworksfarm.com
Work on the Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-op is marching along.  Development of the first set of standards and specifications for products is underway.  The membership mailout is scheduled for June 1, 2000.  It will be sent to all current CLAA members.  If you are not a CLAA member and would like a package, please contact Lori May at CLAA Central Office at: (403) 250-2165 or toll free at: 1-800-717-5262.

Fibre Works Shetlands:  Serenade gave us one last ewe lamb, called Bebop, on May 1.  Bebop started out a very dark brown with an even crimpy fleece.  She is still even and crimpy but has changed to a fawn colour at skin level.  Some of the older lambs, especially Bayberry, have grown like weeds and now look almost as big as the yearlings.  Great to see everyone thriving.  We will have a nice selection of lambs for sale, both rams and ewes, so if you are interested, please email: shetlands@fibreworksfarm.com

Fibre, Yarn and the Fibre Works Gallery:   Our eagerly anticipated trial run of machine knit alpaca socks was completed at Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, Alberta this month. We have started our wearing trials already and if those go well, we will be offering the socks for sale through the Gallery. Our Alpaca/Shetland blend Lopi style yarn is also gorgeous with a very soft hand and deep, rich colours.

Bergen Norwegian Buhunds:   You can see the latest pictures of the puppies from the Puppy Page.  All of the puppies continued to thrive and, one by one, left for their new homes with their new humans.  We miss them quite a bit but are glad that they have all found happy, healthy homes.  We hope to have pictures from the new Buhund owners as the puppies grow.  We will keep you posted.

Farm Stuff:  While not yet finished (that could take several more years), the barn is looking really good.  We have lots of light and with any luck, we will have heat in the workshops this winter and will be able to make a lot more progress.  At this point, we will concentrate outside on fencing and land contouring.  Once all of the black dirt is back in place on the trenched lines, we can finishing the over seeding.  We will also be hauling in quite a bit of gravel to reduce the mud and muck in the animal handling areas.  Several more culverts will also be placed so driving from area to area will be less of an "offroad" experience.

Limerick Link For May:

  Carstairs is home to a mill,
Old works but high quality still.
Their socks are so soft,
You won't want them doffed.
Their strength and warmth is a thrill.

Custom Woolen Mills