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We may have a number of bred and open females for sale as well as several studs.  Please email: lrw@fibreworksfarm.com   for more details.  Multiple purchase discounts available.



Czar of Mooseberry is a double registered, black proven stud.  He has a lighter bone structure and his fleece is quite fine for a older gentleman.  He goes well on halter.



Fibre Works Maestro is another double registered, black stud.  He has great bloodlines to contribute to a black breeding program.  He is a smaller alpaca but also has a very nice fleece.

Barrington HHH is a good sized stud with solid bone.  He has a very nice light fawn fleece and has Peruvian as well as Chilean bloodlines.



AVA MME Guivir Valer 125 (Valer) is our oldest female. She has white fibres coming into her fleece now but genetically is a black alpaca. She is foundation stock and has raised some really nice crias for us.  She is presently bred to Dominion, a medium fawn, for a late June, 2006 cria.



HHH Rachel is a rich brown alpaca with a dense fleece, probably compliments of the Peruvian side of her pedigree.  She is a good mom and has a lovely fawn female cria at side.  Rachel is presently open.



P.L. Maya Nutmeg is a lighter cinnamon colour.  She is a good mom and friendly.  She is presently open.



Fibre Works Topaz is Nutmeg's first cria.  She is much like her mother, a solid girl with a cinnamon colour fleece.  Topaz is now bred to Dominion, a medium fawn, for her first cria, due in early July 2006.


L.F. Spirit is one of our Tuxedo blacks.  She has thrown both solid black and tuxedo black crias.  She is bred to Dominion, a medium fawn, for a late June, 2006 cria.

Fibre Works Gaia is Spirit's first cria.  She is a carefree girl, curious and semi friendly.  She is bred to Dominion for an early July, 2006 cria.