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We have had purebred Shetland sheep at Fibre Works Farm since 1998.  Shetland sheep are ideal because:

    • Shetland sheep are hardy, low maintenance animals, easy lambers and good mothers that fit with our 'no fuss' philosophy of animal husbandry,
    • Shetland sheep produce a high quality fibre in many attractive natural fleece colours, that has a ready market and is also useful for our own fibre works,
    • Shetland sheep can be used as dual purpose meat and fibre producers if required,
    • Shetland sheep have distinctive personalities,
    • Shetland sheep have a well run North American Registry   (NASSA), and
    • Shetland sheep hark back to our own Celtic/Viking roots.

See the buttons on the left for more details.  Our Shetland sheep breeding stock is registered with NASSA.   For an update on sheep for sale, email shetlands@fibreworksfarm.com  or check our current Step by Step page. Sale fleeces are listed at the Gallery.

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