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We first discovered Buhunds in 1995 in our search for the perfect family dog (we had been looking for well over a year!). We wanted a medium sized, intelligent, trainable,Tjalfi.jpg (22660 bytes) easy care, well adjusted, adaptable, stock, herding or farm type breed. Serendipity led us to Kyon Kennels in Ontario, who had recently had a litter of Buhunds. Several males were still available. We took the plunge and a few weeks later, Kyons Kjekke Tjalfi flew out to Alberta to become part of our family.

It was love at first sight and Tjalfi has turned out to be everything we were looking for and more. He has excelled at obedience work, finished his Canadian conformation championship with limited showing, taking a Best Puppy in Herding Group along the way, was top five Buhund show dog in 1997, has a keen interest in stock and a strong herding instinct as well as being a perfect companion that keeps my feet warm in the evenings. He never loses his patience with our children, whether wrestling, playing tug or being sat upon. He is robust, handsome and very loving.

We were so impressed with Tjalfi and Buhunds as a breed that we imported a female puppy, Treva,  from Norway in 1998.

Treva, I year.JPG (25921 bytes) Norvagus Treva is a delightful young bitch, with a wonderful temperament and beautiful conformation. Her sire (Skadsemgaarden's Jehus Birr) was the top winning Buhund in Scandinavia in 1998.  There are many other prestigious winners in her pedigree. Treva also has a keen desire to please, loves to be with the stock and has become a boon companion. She has an excellent start on Novice Obedience and we hope to  develop that potential further.
And finally, our newest star, Skadsemgaarden's Va-Nissa.  she comes to us from Norway as a seven month old bundle of energy.  Her dad is a champion from Finland and her mom is Skadsemgaarden's Juna Lisa, a champion in her own right and the mother of champions, too!  Nissa looks like she will be a bit smaller than Treva and more compact but has good bone and balance and moves very well.

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For more pictures of Tjalfi,Treva and Nissa, see the Photo Album.



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