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The Norwegian Buhund is a medium sized, lightly built Spitz type dog who is outgoing, affectionate and intelligent. Their original purpose was as a farm and herding dog. "Bu" can mean "stock" or "farm" and "hund" means "dog". Buhunds have herded cattle, sheep and even reindeer and pigs! They are curious, active and athletic; very versatile. In more recent times, they have excelled in agility, obedience and family companion activities. Buhunds have also been successful as companion dogs for the deaf and in narcotics control. These dogs can be happy in either an urban or a rural setting but do need exercise every day.

The Norwegian Buhund is a very old breed with records of the breed going as far back as 870. The Vikings took Buhunds with them to settlements in Iceland and Britain, so Buhunds may have been one of the foundation stocks for several other herding breeds.

Buhunds tend to be healthy, robust dogs with excellent endurance. Their senses of smell, sight and hearing are keen. They have a low incidence of genetic problems such as hip dysplasia. They are affectionate and gregarious and bond closely with their human family. They do not do well if excluded from family life or kept outside the home in a kennel situation. They may bark out of boredom or loneliness if left along for too long.

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Buhunds have a medium length double type of coat. The sleek outer coat naturally sheds most dirt and mud so the dogs remain clean and tidy with a minimum of human help. The soft inner coat thickens in the fall and winter allowing Buhunds to really enjoy outside winter activities. There is a shedding period in the spring and a less significant one in the fall. A warm bath and thorough brushing during those times can shorten the shedding periods. Some people even spin the shed fibre into yarn!

Most Buhunds show instinctive herding behavior and many love to retrieve. This makes them a natural for many activities but can result in a tendency to chase. Buhunds are quick learners and any chasing tendencies that do develop can usually be eliminated with correction by the owner. Buhunds love to "work" and really enjoy agility or obedience training in addition to stock work. They are keen on games such as fetch and frisbee as well as helping out with chores on the farm. They are happiest when doing things with their owners.

If you are looking for a wonderful canine companion to share an active life with you, consider a Norwegian Buhund from Bergen Reg'd Norwegian Buhunds!

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