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Norvagus Treva (Treva) and Ch. Kyon Kjekke Tjalfi (Tjalfi, aka Mr. T.) had their first litter, two girls and three boys, born March 9th, 2000.   All of the puppies from this litter have been spoken for.   Please write, fax or email buhunds@fibreworksfarm.com  if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for our next litter.

Pictures Jera Litter 1st Week

Pictures Jera Litter 2nd Week

Pictures Jera Litter 3rd Week

Pictures Jera Litter 4th Week

Pictures Jera Litter 5th Week

Pictures Jera Litter 6th Week

Pictures Jera Litter 7th Week

Pictures Jera Litter Weeks 8 & 9

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We will be calling this the "Jera" litter. "Jera" is a Nordic rune name that means something like good harvest. We plan to use that litter name in the puppies' registered names. We have given the puppies all "puppy" names just to help us keep track of who is who. The puppies are all born dark and lighten up in coat colour as they mature. The littlest girl has white socks and tail tip and is called "Tippy"(now known as Katy). The other girl has white feet but is the darkest of the puppies at this time; we have named her "Tinker" (now know as Inge). The largest boy does not have any white feet but two white toes and is called "Taz". One boy has white feet and tail tip and is called "Tyler" (now known as Ole). The other little fellow has white feet but no tail tip and is named "Tyke"(now known as Tredje).

As to temperament, Ole and Inge have mellowed out and really like to cuddle. Katy is still the smallest and the most active but is gaining well and holding her own in the battle for breakfast.  Taz is still the biggest and likes to have his own way.  He is also the clown of the group.  Tredje is the smallest boy, about the same size as Inge and seems to be the explorer of the group.  He may have the best conformation.  All the puppies are talking more, several have learned to growl and all have their eyes opening.

Treva is very attentive and seems to have recovered well. The vet did a quick check  of Treva when the puppies had their dew claws removed and all seems as it should be. Just have to keep feeding her well to make sure her milk holds up for those greedy guys and girls.


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