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We do use micron measurement of fibre in our flock and herd but do not sample every animal every year.  Where possible, we provide an approximate micron classification based on the most recent data that we have.  Please note that we feel that the "hand" of a fibre is a better overall measure of quality.



Approx. Micron

Angelhair (aka Royal Baby, Ultra) Extremely soft hand; no prickle, airy feel   Under 20
Alpaca Cria (Baby) Very soft hand; no prickle, downy feel   20 - 24
Alpaca (Adult) Soft hand; some sensitive skin will prickle, smooth feel 24.1 - 26
Shetland Lamb or Shetland Neck Soft hand; some sensitive skin will prickle 24 - 28
Shetland (Adult) Medium Soft hand; sensitive skin will prickle   26 - 30
Stronger Shetland or Alpaca  (aka Outdoor) Medium hand, does have prickle, fairly smooth feel   28.1 - 32
Utility   (aka Rug) Rougher hand, definite prickle,    Over 32

You can obtain a sample of any of our fleeces, rovings, sliver or top by sending us a request along with a self addressed envelope and a cheque or money order for $2.50.

Colours In Fleece, Rovings and Yarns 

Due to variations within and between fleeces (and computer monitors!), colours might not be exactly as illustrated.
Natural White: White Yarn Sample.JPG (8306 bytes)
Champagne (Light Fawn): Champagne Yarn Sample.JPG (15382 bytes)
Fawn (Mioget ?): fawn yarn sample.jpg (14738 bytes)
Java: Java yarn sample.jpg (18954 bytes)
Chocolate (Dark Brown): Chocolate Yarn Sample.JPG (30610 bytes)
Maroon: Maroon Yarn Sample.JPG (42554 bytes)
Silver (Light grey, Emsket): Silver Yarn Sample.JPG (11067 bytes)
Thunderhead (Medium grey): thunderhead yarn sample.jpg (12471 bytes)
Black Frost (Dark grey, Shaela): black frost yarn sample.jpg (31669 bytes)
Natural Black: Black Yarn Sample.jpg (15254 bytes)
Oatmeal (Light beige tweed): Oatmeal Yarn Sample.JPG (20425 bytes)
Taupe (Light rosy grey tweed, Musket): taupe yarn sample.JPG (43167 bytes)
Salt & Pepper (Light grey tweed): Salt & Pepper Yarn Sample.JPG (8199 bytes)
Heather (Medum rosy grey tweed): Heather Yarn Sample.JPG (27547 bytes)
Allspice (Medium brown tweed, Moorit): Moorit Yarn Sample.JPG (39787 bytes)


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